FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is MonsoonSIM?

MonsoonSIM is an award-winning business simulation and gamification education platform. This platform has been used in business education since 2013. To date, we have more than 70,000 registered learners and a rapidly growing user base over 4 continents.  MonsoonSIM allows educators to change the way they teach business concepts. For example : Instead of teaching with theory alone, you allow the learners to conduct self-directed learning --- through simulation and/or gamification.

What is the difference between MonsoonSIM and other business games?

MonsoonSIM, in short, uses an innovative horizontal experiential learning model (click for a short video on this). There are numerous business games available on the market. Most of them, however, are vertically focused, such as stock trading, sales, team building, marketing etc. In contrast, MonsoonSIM uses ERP (Business Process Process) as a base. Facilitator can teach either by gamification or by simulation.  There are altogether close to three hundred micro business concepts. These are important and fundamental concepts applicable to any trading, distribution, eCommerce, manufacturing and service business. MonsoonSIM allows learners to discover these concepts through experiential learning and analysis. 

What are the benefits of MonsoonSIM for me, as an educator?

Your teaching becomes a whole lot more fun and interesting with MonsoonSIM. Firstly, by being a certified facilitator in MonsoonSIM, you can create and conduct courses anytime, anywhere with just a standard browser; likewise, your students will be able to learn anytime, anywhere. Secondly, you do not have to create any contents. MonsoonSIM comes with hundreds of micro business concepts. All you need to do is to choreograph your business scenario and let the learners learn through experiential learning (gaming) or simulation.  You control the tempo, the depth and breadth of the business scenario. Teaching business processes through powerpoint is no longer attractive for today's learners. Notes and slides can be dauntingly boring. With MonsoonSIM, the learning becomes fun. There are quizzes that come along with MonsoonSIM which trigger the players to dig deeper into the game to do more self-learning. With MonsoonSIM, the trainer can now focus on adding more teaching materials not covered by MonsoonSIM for the students before, after or in the middle of the game whenever deemed appropriate.

What are the benefits of MonsoonSIM for me, as a student?

Key benefits are improved employ-ability, having virtual "real-life" work experience and having much more knowledge than ever before about business operation. As a student, having a good understanding of the enterprise system will greatly expand your knowledge about how a business enterprise is run. You will learn about the relationships (data and process) among various departments. You will also learn how does the failure of one department can impact the other departments to the point that it may even bring down the entire operation of an enterprise. Therefore, it does not matter whether you are an accounting student, a business student, an industrial engineering student or a student studying information technology, as it is always good to learn about ERP. For example: for an accounting major student, you would need to know the concept of product costing and you will experience it when playing the MonsoonSIM game.  Whereas as an MBA student, it would certainly be good to know the concept of how business is being run. As an e-commerce student, learning the concept of procurement and supply chain will certainly help in your design of the system. The benefits are multi-facet.

What are the benefits of MonsoonSIM for me, as part of the management team of a corporation?

As a corporate manager, MonsoonSIM will help all of your staff to better leverage your existing business system. Besides giving your staff a better understanding of what the enterprise processes entail, the staff can work together with more appreciation of each other's constraints. For example: if your staff is working in the sales department, he/she needs to be more aware of the delivery ability.  A staff working in the customer service department should know who are the key customers. Staff working in the production department should be more aware of the upcoming promotions by the folks in the marketing department. Having your employees to go through a MonsoonSIM workshop will surely improve their total work productivity and flexibility. Furthermore, as MonsoonSIM is a team game that requires teamwork and communication, playing the game by mixing players from different departments into one virtual company would surely improve their team spirit and teamwork.   

What is the key concepts covered in MonsoonSIM?

  • Concept of ERP/ Supply Chain
  • Concept of Business Process Integration
  • Concept of Integrated business system 
  • Concept of running a large business
  • Concept of asset maintenance
  • Concept of human resources management
  • Concept of marketing
  • Concept of retailing
  • Concept of logistics/supply chains
  • Concept of material planning
  • Concept of eCommerce
  • Concept of forecasting
  • Concept of accounting
  • Concept of cash management
  • Concept of whole-selling
  • Concept of service management
  • Concept of production
  • Concept of business intelligence
  • Concept of data analytics
  • Importance of teamwork in running a large business

How long is a typical session of MonsoonSIM?

MonsoonSIM is extremely flexible. The session (game) can be configured to run for 1 hour up to say 30 days. It is all determined by the game facilitator and the players. Facilitator controls the tempo, the depth and the breadth of the business environment. The session can be stopped and resumed for later day. 

Is there any pre-requisite knowledge needed to play MonsoonSIM?

No. MonsoonSIM is designed for anyone from primary school to university students to all levels in a corporation. The difficulty of the game is configurable. 

How configurable is MonsoonSIM?

MonsoonSIM is highly configurable. The locations of the retail stores, warehouse, cash, bank facility, cost, machine capacity, storage capacity, suppliers, customers, product bill of materials (BOM), market size are all configurable. Furthermore, what departments to run, game timings, which concepts to run/hide are also configurable.  

Is MonsoonSIM run on any commercial or open source ERP product?

No. MonsoonSIM does not based or rely on any ERP engine. Furthermore, MonsoonSIM is NOT product training, it is a conceptual training. 

Which universities have adopted MonsoonSIM in their teaching curriculum?

MonsoonSIM has been used by more than 100 universities across 4 continents. To name a few, we have Penn State University USA, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, Esslingen University of Applied Science in Germany, National University in the Philippines, Bangkok University in Thailand, Deakin University in Melbourne Australia, Swiss German University in Serpong, Trisakti University in Indonesia, Francis Mellon University in the USA, etc. 

What is MonsoonSIM’s mission?

  • To transform business education and to make the teaching and learning experience easier and fun.

How to become a facilitator of MonsoonSIM? 

  • Anyone who wishes to teach with MonsoonSIM has to go a special one day Certified Facilitator training (Level-1)
  • Once trained, with proper access to the server, the facilitator can start creating sessions for students

Is there a standard methodology in delivering MonsoonSIM?

  • MonsoonSIM is highly configurable and dynamic.
  • Each CT (Certified Trainer) will create his/her own business scenarios
  • The business environment is formed by the participating learners. So each time, the market conditions, business competitive landscapes, are different. 
  • After a trainer has gone through the 2-day training as a Certified Trainer, he/she will know how to incorporate the sessions into his/her training plan (curriculum). 
  • The trainer can consider :
    • Which business scenario to run?
      • Trading business? Retail business? Service business? Combined?
    • What kind of tempo to run?
      • How long is the session? 3 hours? 3 days?
    • What if any course materials are given out to the learners?
    • How to monitor their success. Quiz? Interval?
    • What micro concepts to stress? at which juncture?
    • What new market dynamics to introduce into their lesson plan, at which juncture?
    • What KPI targets and objectives to set?
    • Which robots to be deployed to assist the learners?
    • What transactions learners must watch and learn from the robots?
    • How to do a measurement? How to score? 
    • What reports the learners must submit, after a particular session?
    • What kind of pre-session and post-session self-assessment to conduct?

MonsoonSIM is team-based learning, but can it also be a single learner?

Yes, a certified facilitator (CF) can easily set up a single learner mode. The learner will be challenged by his/her own KPI (Key Performance Indicator) targets. The competitive landscape and “market” will be created by the MonsoonSIM robots in the background.

What subject matter (major) is suitable to teach with MonsoonSIM in my university?

MonsoonSIM is suitable for (among others) :

  • Entrepreneurship,
  • Supply Chain and Logistics
  • ERP
  • Operation Management
  • Management
  • Management and Financial Accounting
  • Business Fundamentals
  • Economics Fundamentals.
  • Human Resources
  • Capstone Projects
  • Data Analytics can be applied to all of the courses above

All sounds good. How can I learn more?

Seeing is believing. Please click to register for a free demo and free trial.