2019 MonsoonSIM Enterprise Resource Management Competition

You are invited!

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (香港理工大學) to host MonsoonSIM Enterprise Resource Management Competition International Grand Final 2019 -- 10th & 11th Aug 2019 


MonsoonSIM Enterprise Resource Management Competition is an annual inter-varsity competition hosted by MonsoonSIM and its partners. This will be our 5th annual event. The competition is a high-energy event involving students and lecturers with the objective of exposing students to the concept of enterprise resource management (ERM) through fun and exciting simulation games.

Students in teams of 5-player will be asked to run virtual companies to COMPETE with one another for the highest business KPI targets set for the day to win the competition.

There will be so much fun, so much learning, and so much networking to do.

Here are the top contenders from each country (only top 3 shown) 

Please visit our Competition Hall Of Fame for more details and for our past competitions


Honorable Charles Mok, JP

Legislative Councillor representing the Information Technology Functional Constituency, member of The Professionals Guild. He has been serving the ICT industry for 30 years. He is currently the Vice-Chairman of the Professional Commons, Honorary President of the Hong Kong Information Technology Federation and Founding Chairman of the Internet Society Hong Kong.

Dr. Samson Tam

Chairman of Hong Kong Business Angel Network and Group Sense Limited. Hong Kong Industry-University-Research Collaboration Association, Partner of Innovation Angel Funds, Vice Chairman of the PRD Council, Federation of Hong Kong Industries, advisor of Radiant Venture Capital Limited and Whiz Partners Asia Limited.

Ivan Shum

Founding Chairman of Angel Investment Foundation, General Partner of Angel Investment Fund, Angel Investment Innovator, Former Judge of Alibaba Cloud Global Entrepreneurship Competition, Chairman of Judging Panel in IPIEC Global Startup Competition. Steering Committee and Mentor of The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Group, Honorary Advisor of Venture Capital Committee in Asia Family Office Association.

Oliver Wan

Cybertech Consultancy Group Chairman and CEO. Secretary of the "Recruitment Program of Global Experts" (also known as "the Thousand Talents Plan千人計劃") in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore, Information Technology Director of Y's Men Club Hong Kong District, Club Honorary President of the Macau Youth Leaders Council, Co-Founder of the Smartbook Club, and the Honorary Chairman of the Guangzhou Smartbook Club.

Vanessa Ko

Award-winning, highly self-motivated, result-oriented leader.  Head of Presales in SAP Hong Kong. Vanessa leads a team of high caliber Presales Specialists and Early Talents in Hong Kong, inspires, motivates, innovates, and develops the team members' technical skills and soft skills to optimize the team performance.  

Prize Pool

*Update on MERMC Prize structure 

We have revised the prize structure to reward 10 teams in the Final Session instead of 9 announced previously. There is now a 3rd runner up prize HKD3,000 up for grabs to the participating teams!

Time Table 

Scoring Matrix  

Day 1Scoring Matrix Game Duration
Days x Secs
(Total Time)
Net ProfitProfit MarginKPIBallotting (total 55%)
Before the gameAfter the game
Semi-Final Round 1 (35%)15%15%15%3
100 x 40
(around 70 mins)
Semi-Final Round 2 (65%)120 x 45
(around 90 mins)

* Round 1 & 2 might be slightly different. all information will be released on the same day

*Day 2 information will be released on 11th August 2019

Tips for Team Engagement Award

  • Presentable
  • Engagement / Team spirit
  • Punctuality & on time
  • Politeness
  • Participation

About Our Host  

Over the past eight decades, PolyU has developed from a technical institution into one of the top universities in Asia. Evolving to meet the needs of an environment characterized by changes and complexity, the University has cemented its role as a key player not only in the higher education sector but in society as a whole. 

PolyU offering a wide range of quality programmes which nurture graduates who are critical thinkers, effective communicators, innovative problem solvers, and socially responsible global citizens. PolyU is the first university in Hong Kong to include Service-Learning as a mandatory and credit-bearing subject for all undergraduate students. Service-Learning connects professional education with societal needs and gives our students the opportunity to use their knowledge to improve others’ quality of life. 


11號 Yuk Choi Rd, Hung Hom, Hong Kong 

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Transportation Tips 

Here is a video of our Grand Final in Singapore University of Social Sciences in 2018.

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