Experiential Learning in Universitas Islam Indonesia

Are you looking for a new way to teach your students during this pandemic? Have you considered changing the way you teach?

Experts have suggested that only 10% of our knowledge is acquired through formal education, the rest are from experience and social learning. Do you agree? In MonsoonSIM, we truly believe in learning by experience! That is why we have developed MonsoonSIM, experiential learning and simulation platform used by over 75000 learners worldwide. Here are the three big transformations, as a result:

  • Learning by theory to learning by experiencing

  • Teachers become facilitator and motivator

  • Learning by doing instead of learning by theory

Join us to see how Universitas Islam Indonesia keeps its Accounting Study Programs engaged and excited about learning using MonsoonSIM.

MonsoonSIM allows learners to operate their own companies in teams to learn through a dynamic simulation integrated with business concepts.

What's in the webinar

  • A Live Demo of MonsoonSIM from Mr Abdy Taminsyah

  • A brief overview of MonsoonSIM & the International Competition from Universitas Islam Indonesia

  • QnA

The Event

When: January 28th (Thursday) - 10:00 - 11:30 AM Jakarta Time

The Format

Zoom Meeting (The Zoom Invitation will be sent upon registration)

Special Offer

We will provide you with a 1-day FREE Workshop and e-Certificate at the end of this Webinar.


Mr Abdy Taminsyah (CEO of MonsoonSIM)

Ms Isti Rahayu (Director of ERP Competency Center - Universitas Islam Indonesia)

Mr Ari Santoso (Lecturer - Universitas Islam Indonesia)

Fee : Free

Sorry, registration is not open at this time