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Business Process Fundamentals

Learn more about MonsoonSIM

There is no pre-requisite. Anyone of the above target audiences can join. You do not need to know anything about ERP/Technology/Programming to take this workshop.

Lead to International Certification

  • Yes !!
  • The certification is endorsed by SAP South East Asia
  • The certification is a one hour online exam. After the workshop, you have 14 days to take the certification
  • All participants will get also get a Certificate Of Completion

How does this workshop help in your career

  • For Students
    • You will be better prepared for any job interview with any large corporations
    • You will use ERP system more effectively on your first job
    • You will be able to work better with your colleagues
  • For Lecturers / Teachers 
    • Upon understanding how the MonsoonSIM works, you can further take the MonsoonSIM Certified Trainer course which will allow you to use this platform to teach your students
    • You can embed MonsoonSIM into your teaching curriculum, allowing your students to have a chance to get certified in "ERP Concept Fundamental Certification"
  • For Corporate employee
    • You will be more exposed to the business process of a large organization
    • You will be more aware of your day to day computerized business process transaction
    • You will have more aware of your business constraints as well as the business constraints of your colleagues
  • For Executives
    • You will see how you can increase your company overall efficiency through computerized ERP systems
    • You will see why sometimes certain departments within your organization can be the weakest link
  • For Business advisors
    • Upon understanding how the MonsoonSIM works, you can further take the MonsoonSIM Certified Trainer course which will allow you to use this platform to educate your clients or to embed the MonsoonSIM as part of your service offerings

What others say about this course

It's a fantastic way for people to learn about how to run a business from the basic things to more complex situation, Far Hanifah, Jakarta,  April 17, 2016

The platform is really good and it makes learning to be more interesting, it is like we experience directly the business running, in a short time we have to make important decisions and we have to maintain our company to survive and get a good amount of profit., : Masyie,  Jakarta, April 17, 2016

I would love it. Cant wait to know more about MonsonSIM and business and also the challenging in the competition, Hanna Corie, Jakarta, April 17, 2016

Registration Process

  1. Click SIGN UP to register your interest.
  2. We will be in touch with you to arrange for a suitable time for you to come for the workshop.
  3. On the day of the workshop, please come in 9:45 am with your favorite laptop (not ipad, tablets) and be prepared to spend the entire working day. Coffee and snacks and lunch will be provided.
  4. When you have completed the workshop, a feedback form will be handed out for your appraisals.
  5. We will also send you a report of the result of your workshop.
  6. We will handout a Certificate of Completion.
  7. We will also send you a link so you can proceed to take the Certification Exam.
  8. If you pass the certification, you will obained a Certificate of Achievement in the area of "ERP Concept Fundamentals".

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