Why signup with Monsoon Academy

Monsoon Academy is an authorized SAP Partner founded in 2008 that became the winner of SAP best training partner in Indonesia with an un-compromising, sharp focus on ERP and SAP education.

Students' success in their career is any educator's main concern, this is especially true for Monsoon Academy. Monsoon Academy with its special program, the MonsoonSIM, Monsoon ERP Recruitment (, vast network within the SAP eco-system, has changed the lives of many fresh-graduates. Within last eight years, Monsoon Academy has transformed many who know very little about technology to well-respected SAP talents and executives.

In fact, Monsoon Academy is the only SAP education partner that is shortlisted from "Community Impact" award. An award with judging panel that include Steve Wozniac, the Apple Computer's founder; and Sir Richard Branson, the CEO of Virgin Group ( 

In addition, by the eLearning method that we provide in Monsoon Academy student can access all the materials of SAP eAcademy at comfort of their own home, university office. By the eLearning method that very accessible in 24 x 7, student can plan and schedule the entire materials course that they need also they can repeat all units they want to learn as many time as student requires, wherever they are. Moreover, Monsoon Academy students can access to a database of more than 15000 ERP-minded members. These members include other Monsoon Academy students, alumni, corporate recruiters, etc.

Thus, if you are interested to get the SAP knowledge and open up your global career path, SAP eAcademy program is the most effective and comprehensive way to reach your dream.So come and join with Monsoon Academy and we look forward to see you embark on a long, successful career in SAP/ERP space.