SAP eAcademy - PM eLearning (+ Server Access)

SAP eAcademy - PM eLearning (+ Server Access)

Organization: MonsoonSIM INA

NOTE:  This course is for public. Student Edition for (University Students and Academics) is also available. Please contact your Monsoon Academy representative to get a quote. You must be able to produce a university ID or university letter as Proof. 

This course is also commonly known as:

  • SAP Plant Maintenance
  • SAP PM Academy
  • SAP PM eAcademy


  • Navigate confidently within SAP systems
  • Define the concept of the SAP Solution Manager
  • Discuss the tools provided by the SAP Solution Manager
  • Explain how SAP ERP streamlines and accelerates the business processes of a typical organization.
  • Provide an overview of SAP ERP and its components relevant for Managers, Business and Strategy Consultants.
  • Explain how SAP ERP, powered by SAP NetWeaver, enables integration of various business processes and solutions.
  • Explain how SAP ERP assists an organization in making informed business decisions with accurate data reporting and analytics.
  • Explain how SAP NW BI Business Planning and Simulation (SAP BW- BPS) assists in strategic and operational planning and decision making.
  • Give examples of how SAP ERP Operations increases employee productivity.
  • Participate in SAP Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) blueprinting for your organization
  • Describe the key business processes within EAM
  • Plan, create, schedule, and report on maintenance activities
  • Explains in detail the structure of object and asset structures in the Enterprise Asset Management and Customer Service area, which form the backbone for processing maintenance and service measures.
  • All necessary configuration settings are also addressed.
  • This training course provides a detailed overview of the business processes involved in preventative maintenance and service processing.
  • It focuses on time-based and performance-based maintenance planning in the area of Enterprise Asset Management.
  • Participants also learn about specific areas such as the integration between Plant Maintenance and Quality Management, or the procurement of services based on the maintenance plan.
  • This training course shows the different phases of maintenance processing and provides participants with the necessary Customizing settings for each phase of the process.
  • It also deals with specific application functions in the area of Enterprise Asset Management.
  • This course demonstrates how the business process data of Enterprise Asset Management can be accessed using lists and reports within the ERP backend system.
  • Furthermore, it will be shown how these data are aggregated in the Logistics Information System to be used in various reports and analyses.
  • In a second step participants will learn about how the business data of Enterprise Asset Management are transferred to and stored in the Business Information Warehouse (BW) and how these data can be accessed using standard queries.
  • Finally, the course gives a brief overview on the planning of maintenance budgets using the planning function in BW (BW-BPS).
  • To lead to SAP Certification in PM. Certification test can be taken in any SAP offices around the world.


Monsoon Academy is an OFFICIAL Partner of SAP, and all our SAP courses leads to SAP Consultant Certifications. Certifications can be taken in any SAP offices worldwide. 

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Mode of Learning

We offer flexible method of learning through SAP eAcademy program. This online learning program launched by SAP in 2007 and has graduated many exceptional SAP talents since. With a 75% passing grade worldwide, this program is proven to have create better and more independent SAP consultants. 

What will you get with the package:

  • 12 months unlimited access to SAP LMS (Learning Management System). Participants can access SAP anytime and anywhere. 
  • Access to SAP Live Access IDES Server for 1 month*
  • Embedded E-Certificate of Completion from SAP
  • 2 times registration to Certification in the Cloud
  • Optional: registration to in-class certification upon completion of your chosen module. 
  • Student Services:
    • Free consultation with Monsoon Academy anytime
    • Prehire program with our partner SAP Consultancy Companies for you to secure an job placement upon completion of your course. 


Participants can purchase separately: 

  • Additional SAP IDES Server access
  • SAP Print out materials

*All prices not inclusive of 10% tax

Once you have started, you have 12 months (maximum) to complete
Fee : 2,500 USD