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Robot Bootcamp Starter

Robot Bootcamp Starter



This is MonsoonSIM Robot Bootcamp starter. Learners can learn more business concepts, at their own time, against MonsoonSIM robots. There are a number of KPIs to meet. This course is the beginning of a series of MonsoonSIM Robot Bootcamp courses. Upon completion all the MonsoonSIM Robot Bootcamp, you should be ready to take the MonsoonSIM ERP Fundamental certification.

Pre-requisite to this course

Learners must first be exposed to the MonsoonSIM Baseline one day workshop. Once you have completed the workshop, the CT (Certified Trainer) can then send you an invitation via an email to the leaners, learner can only do the self-signup based by clicking the invitation link sent by the CT to your inbox. The registration to this course is restricted. You cannot sign up for Robot Bootcamp without an invitation from your Certified Trainer. If you do not know how to get the MonsoonSIM Baseline one day workshop, please contact MonsoonSIM.

You will be playing a 75 virtual day MonsoonSIM game against two competitors. You need to achieve all six (3) KPIs simultaneously within the 75 virtual days. As soon as you have achieved all your KPIs, your game will stop and you will receive a Certificate of Achievement. (seen below)

In order to finish the game, the KPI targets are:

  • Retail sales
  • Net profit

Step1. Register here
Step2. From your homepage -> Course -> Course I applied -> Search for the course and start the course

You have 10 attempts to complete Robot Bootcamp

Fee : Free