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MonsoonSIM ERP Concepts Fundamentals

MonsoonSIM ERP Concepts Fundamentals



To recoqnize those who have performed above average in the understanding of the basic business process and process integrations among the key departments of a business enterprise.

How to prepare for this certification test
You need to go through one cycle of MonsoonSIM Baseline Game which covers the twelve business departments. The departments are : Finance, Retail, Procurement, Marketing, Warehousing, B2B, Production, MRP, Forecasting, Maintenance, Human Capital Management and Service Management. 

Here are some of the knowledge you need to exhibit to pass this certifcation: 

  • Spotting and taking opportunity to buy low and sell high.
  • Able to take care of your staff, maintain headcount, and make sure they are competent.
  • Able to lower your COGS (Cost of Goods Sold).
  • Able to avoid unnecessary operating expenses (penalty, overflow) to improve profitability.
  • Able to secure high margin business. 
  • Able to utilize support functions such as MRP, Forecast, Auto replenishment for efficiency and productivity.

You will be playing a 75 virtual day MonsoonSIM game againsts two competitors. You need to achieve all six (6) KPIs simultaneously within the 75 virtual day. As soon as you have achieved all your KPIs, your game will stop and you will receive a Certificate of Achievement. (seen below)

Test Process
Step1. Register here
Step2. Wait for notification and confirmation from us
Step3. From your homepage -> Course -> Course I applied -> Search for the course and start the test

Certificate Sample

Certification Guide



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