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SAP Live Access (Server) Subscription

SAP Live Access (Server) Subscription


Monsoon offers SAP IDES (SAP Live) access as subscription

The subscription of the official SAP IDES server is a month by month basis

Once you have subscribed, you can access to SAP IDES server anytime anywhere using a standard browser. 

Most of the courses do no require students to subscribe IDES access since it has animated user interfaces, animation and simulation, however, it is recommended that student subscribe to the SAP IDES server if you really wish to get some hands-on experience. The subscription is optional for student taking (SD, MM, PP, ABAP, FI, CO and HCM) and student can start subscription anytime. For SAP BW, the five months IDES subscription is already included when you register for the SAP BW eAcademy, so, in this case, students need not subscribe to IDES separately. 

What is SAP IDES subscription

SAP IDES subscription is a subscription to a remote access to a special, official, SAP Server.

Monsoon Academy sells such subscriptions to anyone who is willing to gain access to this server. The subscription is based on month by month.

A student may be able to complete the course and ready for certification from the materials provided, which consists of simulated and guided animations for exercises. However, it is adviseable that the student get real servers to do some hands-on exercise.  Typically, about one (1) or two (2) months of server access would be sufficient for the student. Many students already have access to SAP IDES Server in the campus or at work, alternatively, student also can subscribe to SAP servers from Monsoon Academy (please see pricing), which can be purchased separately on monthly basis.

What is SAP IDES 

IDES – is the SAP server that allowthe "Internet Demonstration and Evaluation System" in the R/3 System, represents a model company. It consists of an international group with subsidiaries in several countries. IDES contains application data for various business scenarios that can be run in the SAP System. The business processes in the IDES system are designed to reflect real-life business requirements, and have access to many realistic characteristics. IDES uses easy-to-follow business scenarios to show you the comprehensive functions of the R/3 System. The focal point of IDES, however, is not the functionality itself, but the business processes and their integration.

These IDES business processes are described in detail within this online documentation. The individual demos provide you with an overview of the master data, and contain step-by-step instructions of how to execute the individual processes.

IDES not only covers the Logistics area, but also Financials, and Human Resources. It demonstrates how the R/3 System is able to support practically all types of industries, from discrete production through to process industries, from engineering-to-order to repetitive manufacturing. However, IDES is not a sector-oriented model company. The individual processes are based on practice-oriented data for sectors such as Retailing or Banking. The IDES group manufactures products as diverse as elevators, motorcycles, and paints.

IDES is managed by SAP just as any regular business enterprise. SAP regularly updates the IDES data (master data, transaction data, and customizing). We also carry out period-end closing and plan with different time-horizons. Transaction data are generated to ensure that the information systems in all areas have access to realistic evaluation data. We are constantly implementing new, interesting business scenarios to highlight the very latest functions available in the R/3 System. New functions are represented and documented by IDES scenarios.

Above all, IDES shows you the possibilities of the integrated applications in the SAP System. We cover all aspects of a business enterprise, including Human Resources, Financial Accounting, Product Cost Planning, Overhead Management, Profitability Analysis, Planning, Sales and Distribution, Materials Management, Production, and much, much more.

IDES shows you how the R/3 System supports production processes, the supply chain, and the efficient usage of global resources. Or perhaps you would like to increase your understanding of just-in-time-production or the integration of the electronic KANBAN system in an MRP II environment? IDES provides the ideal way to learn about areas such as Product Cost Controlling, Activity-Based Costing, or integrated Service Management and Plant Maintenance. How to manage high inflation is just one of the ever-growing number of IDES business scenarios that you can choose from.


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How Monsoon Deliver

Our IDES subscription is sold at a month-by-month basis.

Once you have registered, got an invoice and paid. We will be in touch with you to get your desired START date.

The subscription will last for 30 days from the START date. 

Within the 30 days, you will be able to access the IDES Server for 24/7.

*Note: All IDES Server Monsoon offers are authorized SAP servers. 

*Note: Since the IDES Server is managed and controlled by SAP, there may be occasional maintenance being performed. However, such occurance is not often.