SAP Live Access (Server) Subscription - Category 1

SAP Live Access (Server) Subscription - Category 1

NOTE: Please contact Monsoon Academy Representatives to discuss the correct SAP Live Access for your module studied. 

Monsoon offers SAP IDES (SAP Live) access as subscription

The subscription of the official SAP IDES server is a month by month basis

Once you have subscribed, you can access to SAP IDES server anytime anywhere using a standard browser. 

Most of the courses do no require students to subscribe IDES access since it has animated user interfaces, animation and simulation, however, it is recommended that student subscribe to the SAP IDES server if you really wish to get some hands-on experience. 

What is SAP IDES subscription

SAP IDES subscription is a subscription to a remote access to SAP Server.

Monsoon Academy sells such subscriptions to anyone who is willing to gain access to this server. The subscription is based on month by month.

A student may be able to complete the course and ready for certification from the materials provided, which consists of simulated and guided animations for exercises.

Once you have started, you have 30 Days to complete
Fee : 6,600,000 IDR