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SAP eAcademy - BW eLearning

SAP eAcademy - BW eLearning


This course is also commonly known as 

  • TBW4E
  • SAP BI
  • SAP BW
  • SAP Business Inteligent
  • SAP Business Warehouse


  • Provide a self-paced learning environment which enables students to achieve expertise in SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse.
  • To lead to SAP Certification in BI/BW. Certification test can be taken in any SAP offices around the world.
  • Provide a self-paced learning environment which enables students to achieve expertise in SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse.
  • Prepare the learner to take the SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse certification exam C_TBW45_70. Exam must be registered for separately.
  • Participants will gain SAP Netweaver Business Warehouse knowledge necessary for successful implementation and administration within a heterogeneous SAP NetWeaver BW system landscape.
  • Gain knowledge that will enable you to create simple and complex query definitions using the BEx Query Designer and to make these available in standard layouts using the BEx Analyzer and the BEx Web Analyzer.
  • Familiar with selected information from the topic areas BW Extraction with UDI & XI, and APD and Transportmanagent.
  • Gain in-depth knowledge in the areas of extraction, modelling and layout of reports
  • In-depth insight into BW integrated planning.


  • Anyone wishing to develop expertise in SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse
  • Solution Consultants
  • SAP Consultants
  • Project Team Members



  • None


  • None

Course based on software release

  • SAP NetWeaver 7.0


The eAcademy TBW4e is the e-learning version of the following classroom delivered academy courses :

  • TBW10 BW - Enterprise Data Warehousing (e-learning + student handbook)
    • Positioning and Overview of SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse
    • Working with the most important objects (InfoObjects, InfoProviders etc.) of SAP NetWeaver BW
    • Creating a simple data model plus data flow and loading data from different source systems
    • Using BI Content
    • Optimizing query performance
    • Administrating SAP NetWeaver BW
  • TBW20 BW - Reporting and Query Design (e-learning + student handbook)
    • Architecture and functions of the SAP BW analysis tools
    • Navigation in SAP BW reports
    • Creating query definitions using the BEx Query Designer
    • Integrating key figures, characteristics, hierarchies, variables, properties, exceptions and conditions in the query definition
    • Delivering reports and adhoc-analysis using the BEx Analyzer and the BEx Web Analyzer
    • Using the BEx Information Broadcaster to distribute reports
    • Integrating reports in the SAP Enterprise Portal
    • Integrating documents in reports
    • Configuring report-report interfaces
    • Using predefined reports from the SAP Business Content
  • TBW41 BW - Extraction with UDI and XI and APD
    • Universal data integration
    • Exchange Infrastructure
    • Process Designer analysis
    • Transport Management
  • TBW42 BW - Advanced Enterprise Data Warehousing and Reporting (e- learning + student handbook)
    • Data acquisition (data flow in BW, transformations, delta management, enhancement of Business Content DataSources, process of extracting data from SAP source systems including process chains, data staging via different interfaces, real- time data acquisition, direct access, unit of measure conversion)
    • Modeling (developing a BW data model, modeling data marts, enhancing/changing the data model, remodeling, aspects of an Enterprise Data Warehouse architecture, special aspects of modeling and data warehousing, InfoSets, MultiProvider)
    • Report layout (using different web items to create demanding web applications, creating formatted reports that are optimized for presentation and printing, advanced options and settings options in the BEx Broadcaster, using the advanced options in MS Excel)
  • TBW45 BW - Integrated Planning (e-learning + student handbook)
    • Status and tracking system
    • Setting up planning structures and looking at modelling aspects
    • Customizing and executing planning functions
    • Setting up a planning query that is ready for input using the BEx Query Designe
    • Integrating the planning query in different end-user interfaces
    • Displaying different query tools in a planning context
    • Using characteristic relationships to integrate the correct business characteri
    • Integrating the status and tracking system in planning, as a monitoring tool
    • Certification examination for SAP NetWeaver BW Solution
  • In registering for this eAcademy you will also receive:
  • 5 months of access to an SAP Training System to practice course exercises and perform other hands-on activities in real time
  • 5 months of Help Desk Support to enable participants to understand the training material, resolve queries, and assist with assignments.


Monsoon Academy is an OFFICIAL Partner of SAP.  And, Yes ! This couse can lead you to OFFICIAL SAP Certification

The cerfitication fee is managed by SAP Offices around the world. Each SAP offices may have different pricing (in local currency). Please check with your local SAP offices for the certification fee. Generally, it is around USD 500 to 700

The certification process is normally multiple choices. Candidate will be given specific time to complete the test in SAP Office. The result of the certification test is immediate. When pass, candidate will receive OFFICIAL SAP Associate Consultant Certificate directly from SAP

Job Description for SAP Consultant

SAP consultants analyze, design, and configure new computer software and systems in accordance with their employers’ or clients’ specifications, as well as write programs such as forms, specifications, and interfaces. They also test new interfaces to ensure that system workflows are optimized and interact with end-users to make changes as requested and obtain feedback.

For a complete description, please read on at

Average Salary for SAP Consultant

The median salary as 2016 is $85,591. Please see

Career Path for an SAP Consultant

The followings are the possible career future for SAP Consulants:

  • Senior Consultant
  • Senior System Consultant, Manager, Director
  • Business Analysis Consultant, Manager, Director
  • IT Manager, Director, Executive
  • Project Manager, Director
  • Program Manager, Director

Please contact our education consultant for student price (


Country/Currency OptionFee
depending on your currency choice

How Monsoon Deliver

Monsoon SAP eAcademy for BW learning process is the proven online learning program launched by SAP since 2007 and rolled out by SAP globally since 2008.

Within 7 days after sign up, student can begin taking the Academy lessons online using the provided ID to access the class materials online from anywhere and anytime. The access is valid for 5 months.

Inclusive in this package are :

  • LMS (Learning Management System) that student can access through VPN
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network), so that student does not have to come to our premise
  • SAP IDES server access for 5 months
  • Official SAP books / print out.

A student may be able to complete the course and ready for certification from the materials provided, which consists of simulated and guided animations for exercises. With the given VPN, students already have access to SAP IDES Server.

After student finishes all the materials (with or without actual server practice) he/she will get COA (Certificate of Attendance) that will be issued by SAP local office as a proof that student already finish the training and eligible to take the certification test in SAP centers throughout the world. 

Benefits of such mode of training

In this mode of learning, student can learn at his/her own pace without having to follow anyone`s schedule. All materials come directly from SAP and the materials are same as standard materials provided by SAP throughout  the world.


Unlike other SAP academy, which only produce Certificate of Completion or Certificate of Attendence, Monsoon SAP eAcademy program leads you to a the SAP Associate Consultant Certification program. When you have finished your materials and you have performed all the necessary exercises, you should be ready to take the certification.

Monsoon Student Service is there to help you to register for the certification. We will inform you of the time and you can make certification test payment directly to SAP offices. On the day of the certification test, you will come to the SAP office to take the three hour test. Once you have passed, you will be notifified of your result instantly and Monsoon Academy will notify you when we have received your Certificate from SAP head quarter in Germany.