About MonsoonSIM

MonsoonSIM is a unique, experiential learning, pedagogical platform for business studies.

Concepts covered by MonsoonSIM include:

  • Business and economy fundamentals
  • Business operational management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management (SCM)

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There are altogether close to three hundred (300) business concepts. These are important and fundamental concepts applicable to any trading, distribution, eCommerce, manufacturing and service business. To allow learners to discover these concepts through experiential learning, the concepts are carefully wrapped into thirteen (13) business departments of a typical business. 

The thirteen departments are:

  1. Finance & Accounting
  2. Procurement
  3. Retail
  4. Forecast and Planning
  5. Marketing
  6. ECommerce
  7. Warehouse and Logistics
  8. B2B or Wholesales
  9. Production
  10. MRP
  11. Maintenance
  12. Human Capital Management
  13. Service Management

The key uniqueness of MonsoonSIM is that it is, probably, the first true cloud-based Experiential Learning system in the world that covers such broad spectrum of business concepts.

MonsoonSIM is extremely flexible. One MonsoonSIM workshop can be anywhere between 3 (three) hours to 3 months long.

Education institutions have used MonsoonSIM in the following:

  • embedded in the curriculum
    • in Accounting studies
    • in Economy studies
    • in Management studies
    • in Information and Technology studies
    • in Business simulation studies
    • in Industrial Engineering studies
    • in Logistics studies
    • in ERP studies
    • in Marketing studies
    • in Entrepreneurship studies
    • in Data Analytics studies
  • in postgraduate research
  • in labs
  • in workshops
  • in in-take recruitment
  • in departmental competition
  • in a campus-wide competition
  • in a national competition
  • in regional competition

Corporates have used MonsoonSIM in the followings:

  • in the management training program
  • in overall employee empowerment
  • in employee assessment
  • in team-building events
  • in annual corporate events
  • in pre-ERP implementation workshop
  • in post-ERP implementation workshop
  • as change management workshop
 Middle SchoolHigh School

Uni Higher

As Games & Competition & Labs YesYesYesYes
As Business Concept ExposureYesYesYesYes
As ERP Fundamentals studies YesYesYes
As Advanced ERP Concept studies  YesYes
As Data Analytics or AI studies

As formal Curriculum or Embedded in a Curriculum  Yes 
As Semester Long Project & Research  Yes 
As Micro Learning & Teaching Platform  YesYes
As Change Management programs   Yes
As Pre and Post ERP Implementation Workshop   Yes
As Overall Employee Development Training   Yes

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