Train The Trainer (TTT) Indonesia, March 6th, 2021  

Event posted by : Andre Jatmiko


MonsoonSIM is an award-winning unique and powerful experiential learning and education platform that combines simulation and gamification for the purpose of enterprise business concept understanding, change management, team building, and data analytic studies. 

There are over 21000 (twenty-one thousand) sessions conducted by more than 200 (two hundred) universities and corporations throughout the world have provided business simulations to over 65000 (sixty-five thousand) learners. The business games can be configured to teach up to100 learners in parallel. 

The business environment can be configured to suit the learners' level and needs. Each session will generate over 12000 (twelve thousand) records, and the data is available for data analytics and AI studies.

Who has attended the TTT (Train the Trainers) in the past 

  • Over 800 educators have attended the MonsoonSIM Train the Trainers, including: 
    • Lecturers from various universities from the USA, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Korea, China, and Southeast Asia. 
    • Corporate executives from the beverage industry, hospitality business, general manufacturing industry, supply chain industry, ERP consultants, ERP product providers 
    • Motivators, team building, and business coaches

Concept covered in this MonsoonSIM TTT:

1. Finance

  • Accounting concept
  • Key financial reports 
  • Cash flow
  • Cost of funds
  • Integration with other modules

2. Retail Sales

  • Replenishment
  • Storage capacity
  • Rental management
  • Concept of Price Elasticity
  • Concept of Market Demand
  • Integration with Marketing 
  • Integration with Finance
  • Integration with Logistics

3. Procurement

  • Purchase requisition
  • Purchase order
  • PO tracking 
  • Approval
  • Integration with MRP
  • Integration with Finance

4. Marketing

  • Market survey
  • Marketing ROI
  • Effects of marketing on sales 
  • Integrated with Finance
  • Integration with Sales

5. Forecasting/Planning

  • Retail forecast
  • Wholesales forecast
  • Currency forecast

6. Warehouse/Logistic

  • Storage capacity
  • Replenishment
  • Shipping lead time
  • Integration with Production 
  • Integration with Logistics

7. B2B / Wholesales

  • Bidding/ Tendering
  • Late delivery penalty
  • Sales order/ tracking
  • Stock allocation
  • Integration with Finance
  • Integration with Procurement
  • Integration with Production
  • Integration with HR

Prerequisite to becoming a Certified Trainer 

There is no need to have any business background to be certified MonsoonSIM Trainer. In terms of infrastructure, all you need is a laptop with wifi access.

What you will get from Train-The-Trainer session 

  • How to create, run, start, stop a simulation session/game 
  • How to set up teams 
  • How to configure the business environment 
  • How to enrol and un-enrol learners into the teams 
  • How to save sessions 
  • How to use Micro course 
  • How to set up KPIs targets 
  • How to set up the Scoring matrix 
  • How to set up data analytic access 
  • Special login and authority to create a game, access to resources


  • Trainee will complete the game as a student for 100 virtual days 
  • Trainee will see how the game is set up (and exposed to master data) 
  • Trainee will be briefed about the tempo and the psychology of the students 
  • Trainee will be briefed on how to troubleshoot in case of any problem (sudden power failure, network failure, etc)
  • How to set up a session 
  • Set up master data, timing, modules 
  • Team set up and enrolling new students to team 
  • Start, pause, stop events 
  • Configure KPI Targets 
  • Configure KPI Scoring matrix 
  • Session savings 
  • Session rollback 
  • How to generate course materials 
  • How to live observe learners progress 
  • Switch between demo mode and live mode

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