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If you are already working for a big, mid-sized company chances are you might already have encountered the SAP system. Almost 70% of companies worldwide have migrated their day-to-day company operations with the SAP system so that they will get the right knowledge at the most updated timing, to ensure they will gain maximum result from all related departments. 

With that, SAP knowledge has become an asset to individuals wanting to progress further or enter the workforce in a bonafide institution. Hence, SAP training and certification is important. 

Whether you are already an SAP Professional or just graduated university and wanting to enter the workforce in SAP, then SAP eAcademy is something you might look into. 

What is SAP eAcademy?

The SAP eAcademy is a cloud-based learning management system that enables instant online access to the huge SAP Education Knowledge online database. Here you can search many SAP solutions ranging from overview/beginners to advanced modules, courses to learn from to keep you up-to-date with the latest SAP Releases, and courses to prepare you for your SAP Certification Examinations. 

The SAP eAcademy is available on the move; meaning you can access the materials anywhere and at anytime as long as your subscription is still valid. 

How can SAP eAcademy help you develop further as an SAP Professional? 

  • Availablity of various SAP modules leading to SAP Certification and gaining specialist knowledge under one learning platform. 
  • Cost saving: with the same training materials as the traditional in-class standard SAP training, the SAP eAcademy cost less with access to more. 
  • Flexibility: there is no need to take leave on your job/studies to study SAP, the SAP eAcademy gives you unlimited access 24/7 for 12 months for you to take control and study your courses and modules of your choice in your own free time. 
  • Increase your competitive edge with the latest SAP knowledge through fraction of the price. 
  • Opportunity to register yourself for the SAP Associate Consultant Certification Examinations upon completion of your course. 

Why SAP Certification

  1. Globally recognized, SAP certification demonstrates your strong SAP knowledge and skills
  2. Inspire confidence; gain a competitive edge over peers
  3. Use the SAP stamp to stand out among employers
  4. Become a customer's trustworthy- Offer an added value to SAP customers to deliver SAP projects with lower risks
  5. Join the ever-growing ranks of SAP-certified professionals

How do I register for this course?

Contact one of Monsoon Academy representatives for a consultation and to get a quotation at: or call: 021-5794 3737 or (whatsapp): 0821 1115 3927

Or you can contact us for a demo first. 


This course is available for personal and group/company trainings. 

Student & Academics price available. Please call us now for more information. 

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