MonsoonSIM Partner Conference Bali 2019  

Last edited: 2019-Jan-31

MonsoonSIM Partner Conference Bali 2019

From forested volcanic mountains to lush jungle, scenic ride to countryside biking, iconic terraced rice paddy fields to tropical beaches, wide smiles to welcome accommodating spirit, cute cafes to exotic cuisines, the art of wood carving to stone artifacts, and from ancient culture to modern day traditions, Bali has them all. 

It was a full-on activity jam-packed refreshing 4 days 3 nights journey for most of us.

It was where MonsoonSIM held its long-anticipated 1st Partner Conference. 

Our partners Mr. Paramintara Yaoyuenyong of Thailand, Mr. Michael Chan, Mr. Billy Shum, and Mr. Eric Poon of Hong Kong, Mr. Donald Lim of the Philippines, Mr. Alex Ong of Singapore, Mr. Dylan Gurunathan (Knowledgecom Corporation Sdn. Bhd.) of Malaysia, and Mr. Didi Siharta of Indonesia, our colleagues at MonsoonSIM, and our guests all had a good time. 

From the Conference Room

Presentation Videos Link in Youtube

We thank Mr. Paramintara Yaoyuenyong of Zonix Service Co., Ltd. Thailand for showing us some easy and effective ways to facilitate a MonsoonSIM game session and also providing the presentation videos. 

We thank Mr. Michael Chan of Creative Talent Asia Ltd., our Hong Kong partner for an update on the upcoming MERMC Grand Final Hong Kong 2019.

We thank Agnes Fatah of MonsoonSIM for showing us how to bridge learners of MonsoonSIM to become SAP consultants. 

We thank Geraldo Ricky of MonsoonSIM for sharing MonsoonSIM Student Club Global Initiative. 

We thank Dr. Ma Nang Laik of Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) for sharing the implementation of MonsoonSIM in business course. 

We thank Prof. Derick Lyle of Melbourne University for showing us how to use a 3rd party Business Intelligence (BI) tools on MonsoonSIM.

We thank Dr. Jonathan Leong of Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) for sharing the cultivation of qualitative traits though Experiential Learning. 

We thank Mr. Saifudin bin Mohd Yatim, senior lecturer of AHIBS Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) for sharing MonsoonSIM as his Ph.D. research, future impact in higher education. 

We thank Prof. Derick Lyle, Dr. Ma Nang Laik, Mr. Paramintara Yaoyuenyong, Dr. Jonathan Leong, and Ms. Alexandra of Soegijapranata University for the round-table open discussion on ways to embed the latest module "E-Commerce - Impact on Enterprise" of MonsoonSIM Version 7 into the school's curriculum. 

Finally, we thank our President Mr. Abdy Taminsyah for a preview on the soon to be released version, MonsoonSIM 7.0.

"Many years ago, we had a dream of transforming the way we learn business. Today, I am glad that we, MonsoonSIM and its partners, are all playing a part in this transformation. With the latest version, we have incorporated Process Control, eCommerce, Data Export for Analytics into our platform. This is truly fulfilling our four simple promises to our customers: Easier to Teach, More to Teach, Easier to Learn, More to Learn. " -- Abdy Taminsyah, MonsoonSIM Founder

We are humbly excited with the success of this conference henceforth we look forward to our next Partners Conference in Penang (most likely).

Stay tuned!!!

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