Monsoon Academy Prehire Program: Get yourself hired even before you start your SAP studies  

Last edited: 2020-Jun-18


Want to study SAP, but unsure of the returns your SAP studies will bring?   

If that crosses your mind, thinking that SAP studies would just be another certification program. Monsoon Academy introduces SAP Prehire Program: Get hired even before you invest in studying SAP. 

Partnering with end-user companies and SAP consultancy companies, we will get you hired even before you invest in studying. You will for sure get a glimpse of your investment returns even before you start. We will guide you in starting your SAP career.  

How does this program work? 

Its simple, as long as you are willing to invest your time and money in studying SAP at Monsoon Academy, we will let you know of the positions available in our partner companies and we will arrange recruitment with the company. Once accepted by the company, you will start as soon as you finished your SAP studies. 

Steps to apply to this program:  

1. Inquire to Monsoon Academy about the positions available. 

2. If any is suitable, send in your latest CV, certifications and transcript. 

3. We will forward all documentations to partner companies for further necessary recruitment activities (tests & interviews) 

4. Once we get a confirmation that you are hired, the companies will send an offer letter as guarantee that you will start after you have finished you SAP studies at Monsoon Academy. 

5. To accept this offer, candidates must enroll and pay the necessary fees for SAP studies at Monsoon Academy. 

6. Once candidate have completed studies in the given time period, candidate will automatically join the company. 

The demand for SAP professional is very high! It has been and it will still be that way. Your decision to study SAP will definitely be one of the best professional decisions you have made because a career in SAP can take you places. 

Companies are willing to wait for exceptional individuals to finish their SAP training, so that they will get the best to contribute to the company. 

What are you waiting for? Inquire now for available positions

Fill out this form to register your interest or contact us at: 


Call (021)-5794 3737 

Whatsapp 0821 1115 3927

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