MonsoonSIM Platform training for Jakarta Jewelry company   

Creator : Donald Lim | Last edited: 2018-Aug-26

Training in Jakarta took event this week at Santika kelapa gading hotel as an exemplary example where the power of the MonsoonSIM platform can be utilized to demonstrate the concept and familiarization of Enterprise Resource Planning or Enterprise Resource Management necessary under a typical day-to-day mainstream businesses and organization.

PT Mega Kencana (Jewelry company) and Wilmar Consulting Agency are both proud consumer and implementation partner of SAP. 

Wilmar Consulting Agency used MonsoonSIM (purchased from Monsoon Academy) to demonstrate the concepts of running a business to the owner of PT Mega Kencana as well as train up their employees stronghold team of more than 20.

PT Mega Kencana uses SAP products including S4HANA in their manufacturing business as well as jewelry retailer business.

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