(FREE EVENT) How SAP Digital Training Platform Transform Your Internal Training  

Creator : Agnes Fatah | Last edited: 2018-May-15

SAP one of the most famous names in ERP, is an ERP Software that is most commonly used by companies around the world. With about 80% of companies worldwide uses or even touches the SAP system in the daily operations. 

ERP itself is Enterprise Resource Planning which is a name of a system used in companies (small, medium, and large) for their day-to-day operations in order to deliver effective and optimal results for all departments in accordance to the company's goal. This includes the Human Resources (HR) Department as an important part of the ERP system. 

In this session, we will brainstorm and discuss how the ERP system along with the help of technolgy can help transform the workflow in the HR Department, also we will look into details on SAP as the most commonly used ERP Software system in the world how it will help with companies internal training programmes. 

This session runs everyday during Ramadhan month, you will only attend a 1 day session. Please pick a day you can attend this free session. 

For more information and registration, please see brochure below. 


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