Feature summary of MonsoonSIM  

Monsoon Simulation (MonsoonSIM) is a powerful experiential learning platform for business studies. MonsoonSIM allows education institutions to transform from "teaching by theory" to "teaching by experience"; from "learning by remembering" to "learning by experiencing".  Here are the feature summary of MonsoonSIM

For Teachers (Certified Trainers of MonsoonSIM)

  • Able to configure business scenario. Example: Industry type
  • Able to configure business parameters. Example: Product type
  • Able to control simulation timing and tempo from anywhere in the cloud. Example: How many virtual business days
  • Able to manage teams and players
  • Able to assign robots to work as a teammate or work as a business competitor
  • Able to do live observe and compare students' KPI charts
  • Able to do live observations based on students' KPI Targets
  • Able to do live performance measurement based on a matrix of KPIs
  • Able to change simulation parameters and complexity dynamically during runtime
  • Able to configure and create cloud-based course materials instantly
  • Able to configure and create cloud-based simulation results instantly
  • Able to observe in real time any of the student's screen
  • Able to perform micro teaching by switching from game to demonstrating one particular micro business concept and able to return back to the simulation game when the micro concept teaching is completed
  • Able to launch quiz anytime during, before or after a simulation session
  • Able to launch feedback anytime during, before or after a simulation session
  • Able to give access to other fellow teachers to observe your live simulation session
  • Able to change, create and modify session parameters and save for future use
  • Able to reload students and teams set up for repeating class or sessions
  • Able to release certificate of attendance after the completion of a session
  • Able to sign up students for certification test to obtain Certificate of Achievement
  • Able to perform all of the above anywhere in the cloud

For Learners (Students)

  • Able to create, cancel, approve a variety of business transactions. A self-direct way of managing and driving own business to achieve business objectives.
  • Able to make tactical or strategic business decisions, execute and see the consequences of our actions
  • Able to react to incoming notifications (transaction approval, notifications, etc)
  • Able to learn as a team; able to observe, collaborate with teammates
  • Able to observe own KPI in a dashboard
  • Able to do business analysis; identifying relationships between one business KPI and another
  • Able to download and save charts, graphs
  • Able to take quiz
  • Able to take a Certification (based on Instructor's discretion)
  • Able to perform all of the above anywhere in the cloud

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