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Creator : Agnes Fatah | Last edited: 2018-Apr-20


What skills are neccessary for successful digital transformation

The digital skills gap poses a serious challenge for businesses today. A recent study found that 64% of companies say their employees don't have the skills required to meet the needs of a winning digital transformation. The hard reality is that a lack of digital skills is among the top barriers to thriving in the digital economy.

Skilled teams drive success and have an impact on business. Make your workforce an invaluable asset and identify the skills that are critical for your digital transformation.

We can help you understand the need to have a digital skills plan in place to close your company's skills gap. In our upcoming series of webinars on "How to Acquire the Skills for a Successful Digital Transformation," you will learn about best practices for developing these skills.

You will find out how to accelerate onboarding, adoption, and ongoing proficiency among roles involved in implementation and deployment with tailored digital and instructor-led learning resources. Individual webinars will take a closer look at topics including Digital Security, Data Analytics, and Cloud Computing to give you a better understanding of what is needed to build essential skills in each of these areas.

Awareness of what's ahead for your organization's digital transformation isn't enough—you need to take action! Register now for our upcoming "How to Acquire the Skills for a Successful Digital Transformation" webinar series.

We look forward to helping you navigate a successful digital transformation.



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