Students and Lecturer are Having a Great Time with MonsoonSIM Business Simulation Game  

Creator : Jacqueline | Last edited: 2018-Feb-26

In order to train their students to become a competent entrepreneur, The Faculty of Economics and Business of University Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo, Indonesia (FEB UMSIDA) always keen to improve their curriculum and also in their business practice activities by students. One of the latest courses that will be given to the students is the computer-based business simulation, this business simulation using platform produced by MonsoonSIM. on Wednesday (02/07/2018) at 09:00 to 11:00 pm, the management of FEB UMSIDA is signing MoU with MonsoonSIM.

MonsoonSIM is an experiential learning platform, by using it the students can feel the fun, challenging, and involving environment. Each student in one group is divided into various divisions such as finance, marketing, accounting and so on, while the lecturer monitors the process and checks the results.

With MonsoonSIM, the lecturer will provide a new experience for the students, and when the session ended, they may be ready to become a reliable entrepreneur who understands and can apply the theory and practice of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).


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