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Jakarta:- Over 120 students from 11 high schools in the Jakarta area have come together to compete for the 2nd annual Business Competition. 

This event is hosted by Podomoro University in association with Monsoon Academy.

The participating schools for this year are : SMA Unity Galaxy, Sekolah Perkumpulan Mandiri, John Paul's School Senior High, SMK Strada 1, SMK 17 Agustus 1945, SMA Santoleo 2, SMA Santa Bellarminus, SMA Kristen Yusuf, SMA Kemurnian 2, and SMA Dharma Suci.

The competition is divided into two rounds. On the first round, there were three (3) business market places. The 120 students were divided into 24 teams, each  team with 5 players, representing a virtual company. The teams are divided into the three market places evenly.

In each of the market place, competing teams have to secure the most profit by running a virtual business to win. The top two teams from each market place were then selected to compete in the final round.

After an extremely heated competition, the following six teams were selected to advance to the final round:


  • Eclipse Team
  • JPS B Team
  • Kemurnian 2 Team
  • Po Cai Kuang Team
  • Team 1
  • Tim Tam Team

After the final round, the following teams emerged as the champions:


  1. Po Cai Kuang Team  - Champion (by SMA Kristen Yusuf)
  2. Kemurnian 2 Team   - 1st runner up (by SMA Kemurnian 2)
  3. Team 1                 - 2nd runner up (by SMA Dharma Suci)

SMA Kristen Yusuf

SMA Kemurnian 2

SMA Dharma Suci


Some pictures during competition:

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