University of Indonesia Joined MonsoonSIM ERP (Bussiness) Competition (MERPC 2017)  

Creator : Jacqueline

Jakarta (May 2017).  University of Indonesia, which is considered as the most prestigious university in Indonesia, joined the MonsoonSIM Enterprise Resource Planning Competition 2017 (MERPC)

MonsoonSIM Enterprise Resource Planning Competition is a yearly inter-varsity competition hosted by Monsoon Academy and its partners. The competition is a high-energy event involving students and lecturers with the objective of exposing students to the concept of enterprise resource planning (ERP) through fun and exciting simulation games.

Their students are now experiencing the MonsoonSIM platform to get ready for the competition. In MonsoonSIM, each group which consists of 5 students is asked to run their own virtual business and compete with the other groups to achieve the best targets. While they are competing with other groups, they get the chance to spread the energy and spirit of learning the business process by way of Experiential-Learning. 

About MonsoonSIM

Monsoon Simulation (MonsoonSIM) is a powerful business training platform. It covers twelve (12) business concepts all wrapped into one simple, step-by-step evolving 4 to 8-hour business-game. MonsoonSIM is also used to power regional business competitions among universities across South East Asia.

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