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Opening of the Conference...
Opening of Conference...
Busilak Dance Theater,  Southland College

Bacolod (Philippines), April 27-28, 2017 --- Confronting the ever-changing landscape in education, and the challenges in today's workplace, the Philippines Association of Collegiate Schools of Business (PACSB) whose primary aim is to upgrade the business education in the Philippines through Faculty Development Programs, had wisely chosen "Networking and Gearing Up For Disruptive Business Education" as the theme for its 45th Annual National Conference. And we at Monsoon Academy, were delighted and honored to be invited by both the President and Vice-President of PACSB as a Technological Provider and Partner, to speak about how a SAP endorsed Innovative Experiential Learning Platform -- MonsoonSIM for Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP), can partner with Business Educators at this year's event. 

Delegates of the day

More than 150 delegates of over 50 universities from all over the Philippines showed up at the hallway of the well-prepared ballroom of Bacolod's L'Fisher Hotel early Thursday morning. It was a great atmosphere inside. Upon opening remarks by Dr Maria Victoria M. Ac-ac, President of PACSB, and welcoming remarks by representative of the City Mayor, the event kicked off with Ms Marife Zamora, President of the Management Association of the Philippines delivering a speech about the future of Philippines Business -- issues of "How's the Economy Doing?", manufacturing 2016, Major Economics Partners: Where are opportunities largest?, Dutertenomics, IMF World Economic Outlook vs Philippines short term and long term Outlook, the Philippines IT-BPM Industry's value, and a summary of Philippines IT-BPM Roadmap 2022, and last but not least, the 3 major trends in Technology Convergence: Digital Transformation; Automation & AI; and New Delivery Models. And to the audience amazement, her presentation ended up with a humble findings of the level of English Proficiency of Philippines college graduates is equal or lower than those of Thailand followed by Open Forum with Prof. Melito S. Salazar, Executive Vice President of PACSB leading the way. 

Ms Zamora showing Future of Philippine Business

The morning session concluded with Dr. Chito Salazar, President of Philippine Business for Education, and also President of Philippine Investment Management (PHINMA) Education Holdings Inc, speaking on Disruptive Business Education. He spoke his mind, took it to the audience by challenging them that educational institutions do not exist in a bubble. In order to serve the needs of students, educators need to flex and alter as the social climate does. The curriculum, the delivery and even the method of instruction all need to change in order to successfully prepare students for the demands of today’s workplace and social environment. To him, students today have to navigate through an educational system that is in flux. In order to get the most from their commitment to knowledge, educators need to be aware of these changes and make decisions accordingly. With such view and messages, Dr. Salazar had certainly helped build a 'disruptive' mindset in the audience that set the tone for us later in the afternoon to illustrate MonsoonSIM as an example of a disruptive force in today and tomorrow's business education.

Dr. Chito Salazar

After a sumptuous lunch, Hon. Alfredo "Albee" B. Benitez took the stage and spoke GAME CHANGERS. He talked about his days in college and business engagements before turning congressman. He stressed that Education and Information Technologies are a collection of chapters and case studies contributed by college and university presidents, provost, faculty, and other stakeholders. Thus, institutions must find new ways to achieve higher education mission without being crippled by constraints or overpowered by greater expectations. The 'game changer' is, and always will be, being open to new learning opportunities, doing something with them, and making that human connection to our learners. This also set the tone for Mr. Abdy Taminsyah, our MonsoonSIM President's presentation and speech later as the 'real' game changer is both internal and external working simultaneously. It is the way we think and act, and grow. It is moving from that "fixed" mindset about teaching and learning, and moving to the "growth" mindset. It is thinking differently about education and understanding that all of us as people need better things to succeed such as Gaming is young people's 'Love', and that it would help push their learning to a new level and them excel in collaboration. 

Mr. Abdy on a Disruptive Force -- MonsoonSIM

Mr. Abdy Taminsyah's turn. There he was, presenting a Partnership with Business Educators over an Innovative Experiential Learning Platform on which implementable application and solution can serve as a force to disrupt the 'old' educational system that has only gone as far as eLearning or distant learning. Abdy started off by showing the industry's well-known 70:20:10 where 90% is Experiential Learning and Development while only 10% is through structured Courses and Programs. In illustrating how the MonsoonSIM Design Principles of Fun & Team, Intuitive, Educational, Cloud-Based, For Business Studies, Integrate-able into existing curriculum, Designed as a platform for Educators, and Evolving Materials/Concept are being put in place for both educators and learners, Abdy needed teachers in the Environment Management of the learning process, Simulation Configurations of game, and Collaborations & Publications. To put all these into practice, videos of learners in action were shown with teachers behind as facilitators and conductors. For teachers to help learners understand Enterprise Business Processes involving Integrated ERP Concepts further, Micro Learning consisting of Preloaded Configurations, Observation, and step by step instructions covering over 200 concepts has been added for easy teaching. And to help learners understand what Accounting is in an enterprise, teachers can easily explain the importance of Account Payable, Account Receivable, Asset Disposal, Average Coasting, and Profit Margin using Concept Background Description. Abdy finished his speech and presentation with teachers running Workshop, configuring Game, and facilitating Competition.

MonsoonSIM takes a unique approach. We work with Educators by empowering them. We provide a platform so that Educators can add value, share business cases and configure business cases while students' learning is being acquired via cloud-based technology by way of Gamification, hence, transforming educators from traditional teachers to cheer leaders, inspirers and motivators.  

Delegates from Southland College


University of the Immaculate Conception

Delegates having a break

Eventually, the entire educational system will transition into one powered by technology. It will be data-driven, customized to each student and pioneered by well-trained, well-respected instructors. With MonsoonSIM as their pedagogical platform, students will emerge from business schools with an understanding of Business Processes and Integrated ERP Concepts that can prepare them for success whether it is in the workplace or in an academic setting. With such knowledge in the hands of anyone and everyone, educational institutions will be working that much harder to ensure that what they offer is exceptional and above all else, useful.


Dr. Ac-ac, Dean Salazar, and Committee Members presenting Souvenir to Mr. Abdy


Mr. Abdy having a happy chat with Dean Salazar

Family Pic

We congratulate Dean Ac-ac, Dean Salazar Jr., and the organizing committee on a successful Conference.

We thank Hon. Evelio "Bing" R. Leonardi, Mayor of the City of Bacolod for treating all of us to a sumptuous dinner at Bacolod City Hall.

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