University Pasundan Bandung adopted MonsoonSIM  

Creator : Andre Jatmiko

Bandung (March 2017). University Pasundan Bandung now expand ERP MonsoonSIM by opening up its Business Game to more students across more faculties.

Using MonsoonSIM, University Pasundan expects to open the minds of students about ERP.

With MonsoonSIM as a foundation course, students can learn the basics of "total" integrated business concept first, without having to take a deep dive into a specific business function. When a student completes the MonsoonSIM base-line workshop, he/she would learn the basic intricacy of twelve departmental business processes and their relationships with one another. The departments covered by MonsoonSIM are Finance, Procurement, Retail, Wholesales, Logistics and Warehouse, Marketing, Production, Asset Management, Human Resources and Service Management.

Many universities today are gunning for "marketable, international certificate". According to Sali Alas from Information Technology: "With MonsoonSIM, we hope that more and more students will take on the subject of business, business process, ERP, and become certified in SAP in the years to come".

MonsoonSIM is a cloud-based simulation platform. MonsoonSIM enables learning by doing - the new revolutionary experiential learning method. Through the Train-The-Trainer (TTT) session, professors and lecturers from Information Technology come together for a two-day course to become certified in MonsoonSIM. Once certified, the lecturers can then conduct MonsoonSIM simulation for their students, anytime, anywhere thanks to the cloud technology. 

About MonsoonSIM

Monsoon Simulation (MonsoonSIM) is a powerful business training platform. It covers twelve (12) business concepts all wrapped into one simple, step-by-step evolving 4 to 8-hour business-game. MonsoonSIM is also used to power regional business competitions among universities across South East Asia.

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